Free Fridays at Teen Art Studios

A young artist explores printmaking at Teen Art Studios.

A young artist explores printmaking at Teen Art Studios.

Teen Art Studios is a free, year-round, evening drop-in studio art program for young artists ages 13 to 18 that delivers quality art training to teens from all backgrounds, provides exhibition and portfolio building opportunities and encourages positive social engagement.

Each month a different professional working artist teaches a specific art form, engaging teens in learning new skills, making art and developing new friendships in a supportive, safe environment.

Free Fridays with Teen Art Studios

  • 7:00 – 10:00 P.M. at South Park Community Center
  • 6:30-9:30 P.M. on Gage Capitol Hill
  • 4:00-7:00 P.M. at Bellevue Arts Museum

All skill-levels are welcome, from beginning to advanced teen artists. There is no registration required. You are welcome to drop in when you can or come every week. Art supplies and refreshments are provided.

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Free Fridays with Teen Art Studios on Capitol Hill

Teen Art Studios on Capitol Hill. Photo by Spectrum House Salon & Photo

Teen Art Studios on Capitol Hill. Photo by Spectrum House Salon & Photo

1501 10th Ave E
Room 200

Mural Magic
Grace Flott

Take your doodles and sketches to the next level in this collaborative mural making exploration. Retrofit our classroom with big rolls of canvas, paper, and paint as we create a living history of our community reflected on wall installations. Although we will work indoors, the process for designing, planning, and executing a large scale painting will translate easily to your next outdoor project. Looking at the rich history of murals — from cave paintings to frescoes to graffiti — we will learn to develop your chosen themes from a small thumbnail sketch to a finished work. Let’s think BIG!

Short Comics
Jon Garazier

Comic and zine studio! Focusing on narrative and time-based story development, create your own short graphic works in a variety of materials. Prompts and supplied templates will provide inspiration and structure to expand your creative imagination. You will have the option of compiling your work into a printable zine at the end of the month. Screen reader support enabled.

Monotyping and relief printing
Jon Garazier

Explore print-making techniques, and the graphic arts. Demos and lessons on linoleum carving, painting, layering, and hand printing from relief blocks and plexi-glass will provide you with the skills you need to develop your own process and individual mark using these fun and challenging materials.

Street Arts
Joey Brooks

Learn about the history of Street Art and the tools and techniques it takes to make it. Using the work of important artists and movements like Barry McGee, Blek Le Rat, Swoon, Jean-Michael Basquiat and protest art as starting points, each week you will explore a different technique including stickers, characters, stencils and posters.

Free Fridays with Teen Art Studios @ South Park Community Center

8319 8th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
7 – 10 P.M.

Your Inner Artisan
Gabriela Ayala-Cañizares

No matter where your family lineage originates all of our ancestors have been turning to crafts in response to practical and emotional needs, using crafts as a source of empowerment and expression. Discover your inner artisan this summer and explore your skills in making functional and decorative crafts. Exploring different cultures through traditional crafts, participants will learn weaving, macramé, how to make jewelry, paper and more. We will also explore how to open our curiosity and imagination to generate our own modern day craft creations.

Experiments: Where Art and Science Meet
Gabriela Ayala-Cañizares

Bring your imagination and creativity! We will be experimenting with many different materials- from items you can find in any kitchen to different elements in nature. You will explore how these items combine and react to each other to find new ways of creating art that can be utilitarian or purely decorative. Come get curious! Instruction in Spanish and English.

Free Fridays with Teen Art Studios @ Bellevue Arts Museum

Bellevue Arts Museum
510 Bellevue Wy NE
Bellevue, WA 98004


Mixed Media and Our Unique Selves
Ray Mack

This summer at TAS, students will explore ideas and strategies for crafting their own personal mythology. Looking at the work on exhibition at BAM, students will examine how different artists craft their own personal narrative through visual icons and stylistic signatures- from the cartoon world of Simon Hanselmann, lifetime retrospective work of jewler Ron Ho, to the bizzarre dreamlike sculptures of Robert Williams and more, teens will explore how various artists insert their personal stories and aesthetics into their work through a variety of 2D and 3D projects. As with all TAS sessions, students are provided with a specific prompt for a project idea each week and encouraged to respond in whatever material or aesthetic form that most interests them- TAS offers a wide range of materials to explore, and the technical advice and direction needed to make them work.

Collaborative Experiments in Art
Ray Mack

Develop your artistic voice through collaborative experiments. This fall focuses on the ways artists use playful and informal prompts to expand their work. Looking to the great artistic tradition of collectives like the Surrealists, Dadaists and Bloomsbury group, you will use chance, collaboration and language as starting points to develop your own drawings and artwork using a variety of media. Dispel the myth of the solitary artist and spend time laughing with friends while you expand your imagination and artistic voice.

Getting in to Teen Art Studios at Bellevue Arts Museum

After checking in with Guest Services via the main entrance at 510 Bellevue Way NE, the workshop instructors will meet you in the Forum at 4pm. You are welcome to park in the complimentary BAM garage. To access BAM parking, head North on Bellevue Way and it will be on your right, just before you reach the museum. The garage closes at 7:30pm on workshop dates.

Teen artists experience hands-on learning in a casual and supportive environment, and enjoy access to museum exhibitions, as well as opportunities to exhibit their own work at the annual Best of Gage show, and other exhibitions at Gage and BAM throughout the year.


Bellevue Arts Museum is a leading destination in the Pacific Northwest to experience art, craft and design. BAM engages the community through exhibitions, programs and publications featuring regional, national and international artists.

Image Gallery: Teen Art Studios @ Bellevue Arts Museum

Photos by Courtney Chaney

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