Teen Classes


Ages 14-18

Teen Art Intensive at SAM
Saturday | 4/6-4/27 | 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. | Ages 12-18

Designed for young artists interested in taking their art to the next level by exploring expression through design choices. Explore how to convey emotions with an in-depth examination of ideas in color, shape, design and through the use of poetry. Learn a variety of drawing, mixed-media painting, and sculpture techniques and mix your discoveries with poetry to help create original expressive artworks. Each week young artists will use inspiration from the exhibition: Jeffrey Gibson “Like A Hammer” at the Seattle Art Museum to work on mixed-media artwork and written word pieces.

Free program at SAM, more details online at

Price: Free
The Nordstrom Art Studio at the Seattle Art Museum

Studio Practices in Drawing – Grace Flott
Saturday | 5/18-6/15 | 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. | Ages 14-18

Draw from the nude figure for full-day and multi-day sessions. Perfect for students who want to delve deeper into anatomy and composition while honing their ability to draw the figure from life. Students will start each week with quick gesture drawings and move on to longer poses with a lit figure. This class is designed for students with previous drawing experience who want the chance to expand their portfolio and explore what it means to develop an artistic voice.

Price: $295
Live Model
Intermediate Level
Gage Capitol Hill

Scholarships are need based and are available for all youth programs. Scholarship applications are due in May 2019 for all 2019 Summer Youth programs. Apply here.

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