Color for Painters w/Al Gury

Monday-Friday | 6/17-6/21 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.


As an artist Al strives to integrate a number of elements in his work: richness in the use paint and color, poetry and expression in the creation and choice of images of images, and strength in the technical execution and process of executing the paintings and drawings.

Al’s influences come from both art history and the contemporary world: baroque figure painters such as Ribera and Zurburan have been important influences, along with tonalist and colorist landscape painters such as Inness and the Pennsylvania Impressionists. Contemporary observational painting is balanced by a strong sense conceptual and social content.

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Gage Capitol Hill
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Become inspired by the primary sources, traditions, and practices of color in western oil painting. We will learn how color choices affect visual language and understand, mix, and apply the colors used in aesthetics such as baroque tonal painting, observational color, impressionist daylight painting, and modernist and expressionist color.